Discover Osogovo

Welcome to Osogovo! This region, situated in the North-East part of Macedonia, and western Bulgaria, boasts a pleasant climate, forests, diverse and unique wildlife, fresh air, picturesque landscapes, as well as many attractions and manifestations and cultural trademarks.

Osogovo’s natural beauty is second to none. Besides the unique biodiversity, this region has a lot of geomorphologic rarities – volcanic cones, cascades, small waterfalls, etc.

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Osogovo is full of historical and cultural values from the numerous archeological localities and artifacts. The monasteries, churches, cultural monuments, and the well-preserved traditional architecture in parts Kratovo, Kriva Palanka and Rankovce are one more reason to visit us.




Kriva Palanka Kalin Kamen


If you love riding a bike and you want more extreme sports, you can decide to use your bike to get to some of the...

We are proud to invite you to an active holiday in Osogovo. Come experience the adventurous side of Osogovo.